Aluna Starcrystal

Crippled Jedi confined to a hoverchair


PDF Character Sheet

Aluna on her hoverchair



Fortitude 15 10 + Level=7 + Class=1 + Ability=-3
Reflex 19 10 + Level=7 + Class=1 + Ability=1
Will 22 10 + Level=7 + Class=2 + Ability=3
Shield Rating 10
Damage Reduction 0
Damage Threshold 13
Initiative 4
Perception 11


Skill Total Bonus 1/2 Level Ability Mod Trained Bonus Skill Focus
Acrobatics 4 = 3 1
Climb 0 = 3 -3
Deception 12 = 3 4 5
Endurance 0 = 3 -3
Gather Information 12 = 3 4 5
Initiative 4 = 3 1
Jump 0 = 3 -3
Knowledge (Life Sciences) 10 = 3 2 5
Mechanics 5 = 3 2
Perception 11 = 3 3 5
Persuasion 17 = 3 4 5 5
Pilot 9 = 3 1 5
Ride 9 = 3 1 5
Stealth 4 = 3 1
Survival 6 = 3 3
Swim 0 = 3 -3
Treat Injury 11 = 3 3 5
Use Computer 5 = 3 2
Use The Force 17 = 3 4 5 5


Score Modifier
STR 5 -3
DEX 12 1
CON 5 -3
INT 14 2
WIS 17 3
CHA 18 4
Hit Points 50

Additional Info

Speed 1 (6 w/ hover chair)
Force Points 8
Destiny Points 6
Dark Side Points 2
Class Noble 1, Jedi 6
Level 7
Species Falleen
Destiny Destruction
Languages Basic, Falleen, Rivwien, Wookie, Jawa, Huttese


  • Pheremone Attack — As a standard action outside combat: Level + CHA vs FORT against adjacent creature for -1 CND. At -5 CND, target is friendly rather than unconscious (S&Vp8)
  • Pheremone Acclimation — +5 vs Pheremone Attack from another Falleen
  • Hold Breath 150 rounds


  • Shielded Hover Chair w/ Lightsaber Cage
  • Robes
  • Survival Gear
  • Bondar Lightsaber (+7, 2d8-3 Stun damage) (embedded in chair)
  • Firkaan Lightsaber (+7, 2d8-3 Ion damage) (embedded in chair)
  • 6800 Credits


  • Linguist
  • Force Sensitivity
  • Skill Training (Use the Force)
  • Skill Focus (Use the Force)
  • Force Training (x2)
  • Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers)
  • Weapon Finesse
  • Skill Focus (Persuasion)


Force Powers

Ability Descriptions

Stifle Conflict (talent) (Jedi Academy Training Manual (p87)
You can choose to have any Force power you activate deal stun damage instead of normal damage.

Adept Negotiator (talent) (CORE p39)
As a standard action, you can weaken the resolve of one enemy with your words. The target must have an Int of 3 or higher, and it must be able to see, hear, and understand you. Make a Persuasion check; if the result equals or exceeds the target’s Will Defense, it moves -1 step along the condition track. The target gets a +5 bonus to its Will Defense if it is higher level than you. If the target reaches the end of the track, it does not fall unconscious; instead, it cannot attack you or your allies for the remainder of the encounter unless you or one of your allies attacks it or one of its allies first. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Deflect (talent) (CORE p41)
As a reaction, you may negate a ranged attack by making a successful Use the Force check. The DC of the skill check is equal to the result of the attack role you wish to negate, and you take a cumulative -5 penalty on your Use the Force check for every time you have used Block or Deflect since the beginning of your last turn. You must have a lightsaber drawn and ignited to use this talent, and you must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed.

You can use this talent to deflect some of the barrage of shots fired from a ranged weapon set to autofire. If you succeed on a Use the Force check, you take half damage if the autofire attack hits and no damage if the autofire attack misses. This talent has no effect on other area attacks (such as grenades, missiles, and flamethrowers).

This talent cannot be used to negate attacks made by Colossal (frigate) or larger-size vehicles unless the attack is made with a point-defense weapon.

Master Negotiator (CORE 40)

Force Grip (force power) (CORE p97)

Force Slam (force power) (CORE p97)

Force Stun (force power) (CORE p98)

Mind Trick (force power) (CORE p98)

Move Object (force power) (CORE p98)

Fold Space (force power) (JEDI p25)

Mind Shard (force power) (JEDI p28)


Aluna Starcrystal is a female Falleen Jedi with light green skin and a blonde topknot for hair. She is slight and frail, suffering from a degenerate bone disease that makes it very difficult for her to walk. She tried to wear droid implants, but they interfered with her ability to use the Force, so she gave them up and instead prefers to use a hover chair for mobility. She favors simple brown and white Jedi robes for clothing.

Aluna grew up poor in the deep levels of Coruscant, in what would eventually become the Alien Protection Zone, also known as the Invisible Sector. Her parents were members of the lower castes of Faleen who had left for Coruscant in the hopes of a better life. Unfortunately, they did not find it. They bankrupted themselves and eventually worked themselves into an early grave trying to provide treatment for their daughter. They were both dead by the time she was twelve, her father to an industrial accident when she was 10 and her mother to a mugging gone wrong a few months after her 12th birthday.

The only thing of substance she inherited from her parents was a new hover chair her mother gave her for her 12th birthday, replacing the ancient and frequently breaking chair she used to have. Although Aluna never knew it, her mother prostituted herself to obtain that chair, and was actually killed by a jealous pimp thinking she was encroaching on her territory, although her death was ruled a mugging.

With no other known family, Aluna became a vagrant on the streets of Coruscant. She somehow managed to avoid the criminal underground as a child despite here race, as Faleen have long been prized by pimps as prostitutes, and took instead to begging for food. She spent her days singing for food in a small lower-level park, and it was here that she first met Vuulvulaa, a Revwien who, also stuck on Coruscant in the burgeoning Invisibile Sector, had also taken to spending time in the park if only for the artificial sunlight. Vuulvulaa was a practitioner of Tyia, a Force philosophy that preached pacifism in all things. The two developed a friendship, and she adopted much of his philosophy as her own, even after he was killed by a death-stick overdosing youth who was “freaked out by a walking talking tree”. Vuulvulaa had refused to defend himself from the attacks and had failed to convince the youth to stand down.

Seeming by chance, that park was also where she met Master Jondas, just when he was looking for new recruits for his Short Bus project. He had come to investigate rumors of a singer in the park whose haunting melodies brought hope to a downtrodden people. Feeling her strong connection to the Force, he convinced her to join the Jedi

During her training, it quickly became clear that she would not be able to use a lightsaber from her hover chair. Master Jondas fitted her with a droid exoskeleton for better mobility, but he could not convince her to strike with her lightsaber, and they also discovered that something in the neural interface made it very difficult for her to access the Force. After many discussions that included the Tyia philosophy, they decided that her skills would be better in a support role, but he was adamant that she be able to at least defend herself should negotiations turn… aggressive.

The compromise they concocted used modified lightwhip technology to create a “lightsaber cage” around her hover chair, designed by fellow Short Bus Padawan Dink. Mounted in the base of the chair are a series of lightsaber emitters that curve around her chair and back into a receiver on the other side. When activated, a cage of blue and green lightsaber lines surrounds her hover chair, and she is able to use Jedi lightsaber techniques like block and deflect, along with her own considerable piloting skills, to withstand attacks from both blasters and lightsabers. Dink has also installed a small personal shield generator in the hover chair (SR10)

Aluna is a pacifist first and foremost, and serves as the conscience of the Short Bus — she will not allow the other members to kill, even in defense. She is not naive, however; she realizes that they will be in combat and helps coordinate combat efforts for the team. But the goal is always pacification, never destruction.

Aluna Starcrystal

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