Archibald Cunningham Hartford was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Archibald is the only child of the junior wife of Chris Hartford, the VP of Solaris Union’s southern industrial complex. Although Archibald was one of 14 total children by Chris, Archibald and his mother had no want that went unfulfilled by the Hartford wealth.

Archibald is 20 years old, and frequently wears clothing in the style of 17th and 18th century fashions. Rather than a wig, however, Archibald prefers to wear his natural hair, which is long and well styled.

Early Years

Archibald was spoiled by his mother Marcy Hartford (née Montrose), and spent most of his time with her as a child. Although he was aware of his half brothers and sisters, he shunned their company, preferring to be pampered by his mother who would spend hours brushing his long, luxurious hair. They would often go to the spa together for mud baths or facial treatments.

When Archibald was 14, his mother went on an extended tour holiday of the “Natural Wonders of the Sol System”. Until that day, Archibald had been privately schooled by tutors, but when his mother went on the holiday she insisted that he enroll at the Lowood School for Boys, a boarding school for rich socialites. “It’s just for the semester; when I get back you can have private tutors again”, she claimed.

A month later, Archibald learned that his mother had been killed along with her friends and staff on her private yacht after it had been attacked by pirates. The pirates had scuttled the yacht after stealing everything of value. They never even fully recovered her body, finding only her left arm torn away from her body proper during the explosion. DNA analysis had confirmed her identity, and her arm had been buried at the family cemetery after a short funeral.

The death of his mother devastated Archibald, and he fell into a depression that lasted for many months. He only came out of his depression when he was befriended by a fellow student, James Graham, a poor student who was only attending Lowood on scholarship. James and Archibald became close friends, graduating together from Lowood at the same time (Archibald chose to stay at Lowood after his friendship with James blossomed). They also fell in with the Macaroni movement, which was a growing movement at the time and still remains popular among rich socialites across the known universe. As part of his adoption of the movement, Archibald learned to duel with a vibrosword, a weapon made popular by the Macroni movement.

Macaroni Movement

The Macaroni movement was a retro-fashion movement, in which rich socialites dress up in the high fashions of the 17th and 18th centuries (typically avoiding Puritan fashion of the time), gather for balls or parlor games (particularly cards), and frequently duel with vibroswords. Before this movement the vibrosword was a military regulated weapon, more commonly used by boitic special agents. Macaroni movement made this weapon more common among the populace from the dueling aspect of the movement.

The rules of dueling are complex, requiring witnesses and seconds, and typically run to first blood or acceptance of a yield. Duels to the death are more rare, but do occur — the Macaroni movement has done much work to get local laws to allow duels of this sort and as a result duels (even to the death) are considered legal on most worlds. Worlds where dueling is legal typically also have carry laws that allow the carrying of a vibrosword for fashionable purposes. In most cases vibrosowords can only be worn if they include elaborate Peace Knots, which make quickly drawing a sword difficult.

In public spaceships and space stations all weapons are banned due to obvious risk to safety. In these cases, a vibroblade is allowed if the wielder has the power core removed and a “lock” core is put in its place. This “lock” core is a device that will prevent any power core from being put back into the vibroblade until it is removed.

Post Graduation

Archibald did not seek higher education after graduating from Lowood. Instead, he used his father’s money to commission Puzzlewood Hall, an estate modeled after 17th century stately homes. He moved into Puzzlewood with James, and they hold weekly balls and frequently have guests overnight for cards and dinner the rest of the week.

Shortly after graduating, Archibald secretly had Biotics implanted and underwent training in their use. He did so illegally (he is an unregistered Biotic), and primarily to cheat at cards. He quickly learned that in many cases it’s not possible to cheat with Biotics due to mass effect field detection. Apparently he was not the first to think of cheating with telekenetics.

In addition to spending his time with James and his friends at Puzzlewood, Archibald loves to gamble in all forms, from casino games to high-stakes poker. When not at Puzzlewood, Archibald can frequently be found at casinos — when he can be found at all. When he can’t be found, he’s probably in the back room of some dock-side restaurant engaging in high-stakes poker with the seedy underbelly of the world.

Immediately before the campaign begins, Archibald had spent several days in the hospitality of Vinnie the Shark, gambling with him and several of his cronies. Although he initially had a run of good luck, Archibald lost his original stake and borrowed heavily against his good credit with Vinnie to continue gambling, eventually losing everything he borrowed to the tune of several hundred thousand credits. When the campaign begins, he has promised to pay Vinnie by the end of the week.


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