Systems: 1 (officially)
Worlds/Moons: 0 (officially)
One of the largest corporations, they deal in all 10 of the known systems. In current times they are the largest corporation and they have their hands in almost every market in some what or another. The most important thing they do is manage the Zero Mass Gates. While no government would openly admit it, TechCom has the biggest influence over the known universe.

The Hohiro system is the main hub of the Zero Mass Gate system. While it has no planets it does house a large TechCom owned space station that orbits the star. The system does have 5 Zero Mass Gates but only 3 of them are active. Research is on going to activate the other 2.

Sol System of Planets
Systems: 3
Worlds/Moons: 5
Aka the SSP. This is the largest alliance of humans to date. This spans all of earth, mars, and titan from the sol system. It also includes Marik in the Centar system and Atreus in the Gorgon system.

Lyran Commonwealth
Systems: 2
Worlds/Moons: 2
The Lyran family was at the forefront of the first expedition to settle without the support of TechCom. Their home planet is Tharkad in the Lyran system and they also have Hantor in the Steiner system.

The systems they populated have very little value in resources and because of this the people are seen as poor to most of the other human empires.

Capellan Confederation
Systems: 2
Worlds/Moons: 2
Before the creation of the SSP, the Chinese government sent a colorization ship to Sian in the Capellan system. When the SSP was formed the colony here did not support the vote and created their own government. This caused a civil war between the SSP and the newly formed Capellan Confederation. While there is currently a cease fire the Zero Mass Gates that connect these 2 powers are well guarded.

5 years ago they lay claim to the Ikio System. While most of the resource harvesting is done in the astroid belt, the planet Asimov has a mining colony that is also used as a base of operations for the system.

Solaris Union
Systems: 1
Worlds/Moons: 1
This company is the only real competitor to TechCom. As TechCom started to push into space, a team of companies joined up to do the same. The colonized the Keth Moon of Dolarion. The system was renamed to the Keth system shortly there after. The Solaris union is one of the biggest producers of large equipment and is the backbone of large scale construction equipment for the other empires. More importantly though, they where the first to create mechs as well as being the biggest producer of them.

Word of Blake
Systems: 1
Worlds/Moons: 1
This is a religious sect that want to purge corruption in the human race and is always seeking for the purity of humans as a race. While there have been some fanatics that have done bombings or other terrorist act, most of them just preach to the masses. They do however have a small colony on a moon in the Davion system.

Church of the Gatebuilders
Systems: 0
Worlds/Moons: 0
With findings of the gates, the proof of intelligent alians beings is clear. This church was founded by the people that were witness to the first gate activation. At first this church was made to insult the Catholic church that had been a constant rival of anyone attempting to activate the gate.

Manfred Lehmann, the lead researcher, named himself the “Pope” of this new church. Unknowning to him about 5 years later he was the leader of a kind of worship for the betterment of man kind. “The Gate’s Reward” is a book Manfred wrote that is now called the “bible” of this church. This book goes into detail on the findings around the gate itself and what it would mean to mankind if they came back. Aside from the scientific details of the book, it attempts to push the reader to strive the human race into unity and cooperation that will prepare mankind. For when the gate builders return (if they return) the human race will have to be ready.

In the current times, this church is the keeper of all understranding and research into the gate keepers.


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