Zuul Race Stats


1. Assault Guardian

These beasts run about 8 feet tall and are the main assaulting force of combat. The only one you have fought had a spitting attack, 2 retractable claws, and a bite. It looks like the one you encountered was female and it had a pouch with small larva. These larva look like they were in a dormant state until the creature died.

2. Assault Pup

These dog like creatures will swarm combatants in melee combat. With a tough exoskeleton, they are very durable and can take a beating from all types of weapons.

New Shit
1. Gate Opener Relay, no damage
2. Shield Relay, Damaged
3. Computer Node Cluster, Damaged
4. Sensor Array, (1 part plus computer attachments)
5. Main Gun Weapon Coil (gave back to dudes)
6. Hand Held Weapons
7. 4 Corpse (2 pups, 1 Female, 1 Brain)

Zuul Race Stats

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